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Useful sites related to brand aid, celebrities, compassionate consumption, development issues and other interesting stuff:

Celebrity and Development: A blog by Dan Brockington, School of Environment and Development at the University of Manchester.

Aid Watch: A blog primarily written by William Easterly, co-Director of the Development Research Institute at New York University, and Laura Freschi, Associate Director the same place. We have also guest blogged on this blog.

Triple Crisis: ‘Our current predicament is a convergence of at least three crises: in global finance, development, and environment.’ The blog is co-chaired by professor Kevin B. Gallagher, Boston University, and professor Jayati Ghosh, Nehru University, and it seeks to engage an open and global dialogue about the global crises. We have guest blogged on Triple Crisis.

Links related to our book:

University of Minnesota Press: Our publisher’s site.

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